Documentary movies subtitles

  • Derek DelGaudio's in & of Itself

    2020 year 90 min 9.1 IMDB
    Derek DelGaudio
    Storyteller and Conceptual Magician Derek DelGaudio attempts to understand the illusory nature of identity and answer the deceptively simple question 'Who am I?'
  • When the Soul Cries: Trauma. Tears. Triumph

    2020 year 132 min 4.2 IMDB
    Adrienne E. Bell, Teresa Cartegena-Guzman, Tamara P. Fields, Jondahlyn Holston
    This soul-stirring documentary chronicles the triumphant healing of ten Fearless Storytellers through their journey from trauma and tears to triumph. Revealing the physical, emotional and psychological trauma these women have experienced, the film sheds l...
  • Hanging Elizabeth Reed: A Ghost Story

    2020 year 72 min 5.2 IMDB
    Rob Byrley, Rachel Christen, Roger Creed, Jason Dickerson
    This is the story of Elizabeth Reed who in 1845 became the first woman to be hanged in Illinois. She was accused of poisoning her husband Leonard with arsenic laced tea and was convicted by a jury of 12 men. The circumstances of her arrest, trial, convict...
  • Upper Story

    2020 year 95 min
    Susan Bauer-Wu, The Dalai Lama, Richard Davidson, Thukten Dema
    Today, over 10% of the global population suffers from mental health problems. Three decades of collaboration between scientists and Buddhist scholars have revealed techniques that allow us to develop our mental well-being and improve the impact we have on...
  • The Song That Calls You Home

    2020 year 72 min 8.2 IMDB
    Benoit Allouche, Ricardo Amaringo, Alexandra Cherkun, Mateo Domingo
    A personal, scientific, mystical exploration of Amazonian curanderismo, focus on Ayahuasca and Master Plants, their healing and visionary properties and risks, along with the Shipibo people and their songs.
  • From Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli: The Ultimate Transformation Story

    2020 year 94 min 4.7 IMDB
    Ammar Abdellatif, Melissa Aguilar, Carlos Angelucci, Michele Barrett
    Having been obese his entire life, real estate mogul and multimillionaire, Anthony Lolli has accepted his greatest challenge to date. Follow this inspiring journey as he sheds 125lbs in only 9 months leading to a fitness competition where he shows the wor...
  • The Undefeated Presents Hamilton In-Depth

    2020 year 33 min 6.8 IMDB
    A roundtable discussion with 9 stars and the director of "Hamilton"
  • Life After the Navigator

    2020 year 91 min 7.7 IMDB
    Joey Cramer, Veronica Cartwright, Cliff De Young, Howard Hesseman
    A feature that not only celebrates the 1986 classic "Flight of the Navigator", but also looks at the life of its child star, Joey Cramer, and his roller-coaster life since that breakthrough role.
  • Don't Call Me Bigfoot

    2020 year 81 min 5.5 IMDB
    Alex Mistretta, Matthew Mordovanec, Nick Redfern, Danielle Winkler
    There are tales all around the world of big, hairy, bipedal, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints. But whatever you do, don't call them Bigfoot. From the Patterson - Gimlin film and other sightings to known hoaxes and bigfo...
  • Alien Contactee

    2020 year 61 min 7.1 IMDB
    Louis Turi
    Contactees are people who have experienced contact with extraterrestrials. Dr. Louis Turi had four such encounters. This documentary exams his encounters, his relationship with Astrology, and how he has accurately predicted several major world events.
  • Meanwhile on Earth

    2020 year 72 min 6.1 IMDB
    When we die, there are still some practicalities needed to be taken care of before our time among the living is finally over. Meanwhile on Earth enters the world around our end station, an industry of death. A place where the existential meets the mundane...
  • I Am Not a Hero

    2020 year 8 IMDB
    At the peak of the COVID pandemic, young friends Pablo and Robin spent night and day in the Erasmus University Hospital documenting the stories behind the numbers. They won't leave until the virus is under control.
  • The Porter: The Untold Story at Everest

    2020 year 55 min 8.6 IMDB
    A young privileged American "Nathaniel J. Menninger" attempts to make history at Everest by becoming a Himalaya Porter. But in his journey to succeed, experiences a harrowing reality instead. This is an inside look at the darker side of Everest. At the st...
  • Some Kind of Heaven

    2020 year 83 min 7.6 IMDB
    Behind the gates of a palm tree-lined fantasyland, four residents of America's largest retirement community, The Villages, FL, strive to find solace and meaning.
  • ETs Among Us 5: Binary Code - Secret Messages from the Cosmos

    2020 year 20 min 4.3 IMDB
    Cybela Clare, Linda Moulton Howe
    Peabody award-winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe analyzes parallel binary code warnings from UFOs 35 years apart. In 1980, a military officer in Bentwaters Air Force base (Britain) witnessed a landed spacecraft, and was later mentally bombarded with bi...